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animal magic
aldo londi - bitossi
bodil soderlund
cmielow porcelain
hella jongerius - nymphenburg
jaime hayon - bosa ceramics
jonathan adler
marcel wanders
maxim velkovsky - qubus
norberto moretti - salviati
oiva toikka - iittala
porzellan manufaktur nymphenburg
rie ito ceramics - graf
rosenthal studio line

Vessel Gallery is proud to present its latest exhibition, even if it means the directors will have to eat their own words!

Unprecedented in its seven year history Vessel will be dedicating its gallery space to the most beautiful, endearing menagerie of animal figurines in various materials, from artists globally respected to some exciting discoveries.

animal magic collage

From the CONCEPTUAL stable come unique and challenging pieces, by Hella Jongerius for example. Are her figurines of fawns & hippos attached to bowls ‘wearing’ delicate patterned coats exquisite or just highly kitsch? Is Marcel Wanders’ One Minute Sculpture that costs £1000 a joke or a spontaneous outpouring of creativity from an increasingly collectible artist? Vessel will also be revealing Spaniard Jaime Hayon and his handsome pig sculptures, showcasing his ‘Mediterranean Digital Baroque’ style, and Swede Bodil Soderlund’s ingenious re-incarnation of the loyal children’s teddy into an appropriate adult memento.

The AESTHETIC side of figurines will be given full viewing, most flamboyantly with American potter par excellence Jonathan Adler, whose work will be making a welcome return to Vessel since his solo show 5 years ago. His giant white bird shaped bowls, and retro inspired animal sculptures will find the perfect place to nest next to the original Fifties figurines of Italian firm Bitossi, once again re-launched in a limited edition exclusively for Vessel. Idiosyncratic designer Oiva Toikka from Finland will also be represented by his adored and ever expanding repertoire of glass birds, whose streamlined visions cannot fail but draw your eye to them.

Finally CLASSICAL figurines in their most pure and life like forms will be on dislplay, lovingly made in the same way as they were 250 years ago at Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory. Rising star Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky has also been enchanted by traditional forms, literallly adding value to his pieces by converting them to piggy banks.

So although Nadia & Angel, the owners of Vessel, never thought that dust gatherers would grace the entrance to their door, they are happy to admit their change of heart and revel in their sensitive side!