Summer Showcase

9th July - 29th August 2015

Vessel Gallery presents the best contemporary works from the British Art Glass Scene.

This year saw the return of the much revered International Festival of Glass, the biennial event which is held in the Stourbridge Glass Quarter, the historical heartland of British Glass. A must see event for all glass lovers offering a rich programme of demonstrations, workshops, lectures and exhibitions, the festival highlight for many, is the hugely anticipated British Glass Biennale.

Artists submit their creations in the hope of being chosen for this prestigious exhibition and with various awards at stake, the competition is tough. This is the largest show of it’s kind in the UK and provides the perfect opportunity to source new artists for the gallery.

It is therefore with great pleasure that Vessel Gallery’s Creative Director, Angel Monzon presents his personally tailored selection of contemporary art works from the Biennale. All have been chosen for their unparalleled ability to show this highly versatile material at its absolute best.

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