Collective Genius

3rd May - 11th June 2016

Vessel Gallery is proud to present some of the finest contemporary British studio art glass being made at the Devereux & Huskie Glassworks, based in Wiltshire. Featuring work from over 17 internationally renowned artists and designers all of whom have an association with this highly acclaimed studio. James Devereux and Katherine Huskie are not only exceptionally skilled glass makers but also artists in their own right. With nearly 15 years experience behind them, they created Devereux and Huskie Glassworks with the purpose to provide fine artists and designers with a professional workshop yet set in surroundings where they can feel at home, allowing their creative ideas to flow. With equipment to match their talent, they have pushed the boundaries of this technical and physically demanding material, resulting in works they never thought possible created alongside some of greatest names in the world of art glass and design.

This group exhibition features a multitude of the most talented and senior glass figures in Britain, all using the Devereux & Huskie Glassworks to bring their creations to fruition. Some are drawn to its natural inspiring West Country setting, a creative retreat. Others use James’ and Katherine’s abundant skills to create works for them, with many taking a more collaborative path, working with their assistance and guidance. All have exhibited extensively within the UK and World Wide but have never shown together, they do so now in recognition of this unique workshop. All art works are newly created, each showcasing the technical mastery and unparalleled aesthetics distinct to each artist.

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