Half-Life by Elliot Walker - A Film by Mathieu Bertin

14th December 2017


A Film by Mathieu Bertin
Exhibition dates: 9th November - 16th December 2017

Tackling themes such as abandonment, radiation and environmental catastrophe, Elliot Walker will be challenging our ideas and perceptions of the world around us.

Unashamedly apocalyptic, Half-life is an exploration of the 'post event’, the uninhabited world as a result of what not only could happen but what may also be left behind.

Though not didactic in nature, Walker’s art works will be investigating his fear and distrust of nuclear power and its imagined disastrous consequences, something he views as the epitome of our inexorable modernisation. 

What will be the repercussions on having opened Pandora’s box? On our food, our environment and our genetic future?  

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