New Vari Capitelli by Jo Taylor

9th June 2020

This year saw Vessel's launch of this breathtaking new collection. Having sold the first three at Collect 2020Jo Taylor has created three brand new Vari Capitelli works for the gallery. As equally as beautiful as the first, these are welcome new arrivals, all created during the artist's time in Corona Virus lockdown. 

About the Collection;
Taylor’s inspiration comes from highly decorative architectural features such as ornate plaster ceilings, wrought iron and carved stone. Living near the Georgian city of Bath provides a rich visual resource, although it can be said that she will seek out such details wherever she goes.

Regular visits to our larger cities such as Liverpool and London offer ornament that can be experienced on a grander scale with their historic buildings such as the Sefton Park Palm House and the V&A holding many further examples. Further afield the architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona, the palaces of Potsdam and the Villa D'Este in Tivoli have all provided inspiration.

In the artist's own words:

‘I enjoy the grand gesture present in large scale relief, the drama of deep shadow, the dialogue between space, structure & ornament. The changing light conditions of bright sunlight, a dull day, dusk or artificial light can affect the contrast and way the structure is perceived’

Artist's Sketch

Vari Capitelli VII
Unique 2020
H 44cm W 28cm D 24cm

Vari Capitelli VII detail

Vari Capitelli V
Unique 2020
H 42cm ø 42cm

Vari Capitelli V detail

Vari Capitelli VI
Unique 2020
H 43cm ø 35cm

Vari Capitelli VI detail

Work in progress, before firing

Work in progress, before firing

Artist's sketchbook page

All images above, artist's own

Jo Taylor at work | Photo stylised and taken by Russell Sach