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Celestial Mirror | Bespoke Commissions and Variations

9th July 2020


The Celestial Mirror is an entirely bespoke project, allowing multiple size options*, colours and combinations of birds to create each unique mirror. The birds can also be wall-mounted to extend and enhance your installation.

Initially conceived in a circular composition, as inspired by the title of the collection, these can be ordered in various shapes from square, rectangular and oval, whatever is desired and is possible to cut from the sheet mirror. Mirror tint options are bronze, blue, grey, gold, cognac, peach & standard silver.

The beautiful glass birds are created by Lukeke Design who are based in New Zealand and are available in 7 styles: Bell Bird, Swallow, Bell Bird II, Tomtit, Silver Eye, Fantail and Kingfisher, which range from 12cm to 19.5cm wide in size. All birds can be ordered in approximately 45 colours. For each mirror, you can select your own combination of bird types and colour combinations. 

All orders are manufactured within the UK by our team of highly skilled craftspeople and incorporate: a lacquered backboard with hanging rail, bonded tinted mirror and aluminum fittings allowing each bird to be removed for thorough cleaning, shipping and the option to amend your design so that you can change it, creating a Winter or Spring palette, for example. Each order takes around 6 to 8 weeks, however, we do also stock the birds which can shorten this time should you be able to make your selection from what is available.

We offer a full consultation to help conceive your design, with mirror and bird coloured glass samples for you to view and templates to illustrate the mirror shape and bird adornment. We can arrange your appointment to take place within the gallery or in your home, should you live within the M25 borders.

Please contact the gallery for further information or to arrange a meeting with us. | +44 (0)207 727 8001

(*sizes up to 120cm are all easily possible with our manufacturers. Larger is possible but will mean using different specialise fabricators which will substantially increase the cost)

Example Mirrors and installations

120cm ø blue tint mirror with 6 birds

200cm H, 100cm W oval bronze tint bevelled mirror and 2 birds

90cm ø bronze tint mirror with 3 birds

120cm ø blue tint mirror with 6 birds

100cm ø blue tint mirror with 4 birds

Close-up details