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Liam Reeves

Reflected Tradition 004



Reflected Tradition 004




H 37 cm W 33 cm D 14 cm


Glass with mirrored interior


£ 2900


Liam Reeves employs techniques, language and traditions of Venetian glassblowing as a lens through which to explore the effect progression in technology has on the way we interact and interpret our environment.
In his own words:
'As technology advances, the ways that we perceive, understand, and influence the world around us are changing. As more aspects of human experience permeate through a filter of electronic manipulation, actual experience becomes entwined with the virtual. Through the use of digital tools, it becomes possible to understand form in terms of mathematical co-ordinates, existing only in a theoretical space. In parallel, the concept of craftsmanship itself is also transforming; skill in using digital media is being equated with skill in manipulating molten glass or other materials'

Liam Reeves

Reflected Tradition 004