Red Apples


H 41 cm W 21 cm D 18 cm


Glass and steel


£ 3750


Following on from the series “All About Birds” Johnson has decided to focus on Crows. With a defined identity and a strong silhouette these feathered characters challenge Johnson to sculpt with more complex detail. Her aim is to portray different expressions: greed, curiosity, pride, timidity for example. This in turn develops into imagined storylines incorporating other sculpted animals and objects.
Johnson has been blowing for over 20 years but starting sculpting creatures around 4 years ago. Working with a purely intuitive nature, the aim with all her bestial figures is to capture the essence of the ‘animal expression’ defined by each species' movement and natural position. This can only be done through observation, working instinctively and with repetition.

Julie Johnson

Red Apples