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Brett Manley

1957, United Kingdom

Each of Brett Manley's artworks are created as a result of trying to comprehend her chosen medium with greater understanding. The aim is to answer questions and elucidate the various curiosities about glass.

Through experimenting with the various quirks that kiln formed glass can unexpectedly create, Manley exploits the magical optical nature of glass to transform the two dimensional into three dimensions. By layering glass, Manley is fascinated by the spaces created, held between the transparent surfaces. Exploiting too, the light transmitting qualities that is intrinsic to glass: its ability to obscure, reflect, project, reveal and alter, creating optical illusion type kinetic effects.

Manley states that;

‘“Playing with glass is playing with light and colour. I work in series, and am currently developing ranges of recycled and outdoor pieces. My inspiration is often material led, but also comes from nature, gut emotions and a need to create. And as Dannie Abse said 'Art is a game only if you play at it, a mirror that reflects from the inside out'."

Artist portrait by Agata Pec.