Mårten Medbo

1964, Sweden

Alternate Text
Medbo is an award winning multi disciplinary artist that does not like to be pigeonholed, not wishing to be defined by a particular material, method or aesthetic. Working and exhibiting internationally he uses both glass and ceramics as his medium across a spectrum of forms: bowls, vases, sculptural pieces and large-scale public commissions.

Among his work, there are numerous examples of pieces having a resemblance to anthropomorphic or biomorphic structures, without being completely identifiable as such. Medbo’s vessels and sculptures sometimes resemble items suddenly frozen in the process of organic growth or expansion. He is drawn towards irregularities and idiosyncrasies. The structures seem to be on the verge of breaking free from their inner logic; they loosen up, start to glow mysteriously, or even mutate. Medbo’s pieces fascinate by virtue of their strangeness and physical intensity rather than by beauty or sophistication.