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Sabine Lintzen

1956, Germany

Sabine Lintzen studied 3D Design, Sculpture, Ceramics, Applied Arts and Monumental Arts at the Maastricht Academy and the HBK in Berlin.

Originally an artist working with ceramics and creating sculpture, Sabine Lintzen has transformed herself into a master of glass.

Since 1981 she has had her own studio and from 1995 she began working with blown glass, developing historical making techniques, drawn from Italy, the Arabian world and Dutch culture. These techniques enabled her to translate old knowledge into new applications.

Every piece is handcrafted in the local studio’s of Limburg and Amsterdam. With a gifted team of glassblowers, Lintzen forms the fluid material into solid shapes and structured patterns. With every step she takes, a new path arises that catches her interest.

For Lintzen her works in relation to their surroundings live together as a symbiosis. With luminosity, an exploration of light and colour come into existence.

In her own words:

‘It is always a captured expression of a positive result of my thoughts. Therefore my work never stops and shows a continuous movement.’

Lintzen has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, winning her many awards and placing her artworks in many private and public collections.

Artist portraits courtesy of the artist.