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James Alexander

1989, United Kingdom

James Alexander is a glassblower and artist who has worked freelance for a number of studios since graduating in 2012. His main aim is to develop his skills and techniques with the purpose of furthering his career as a glass artist.

Working as a free hand glassblower and literally sculpting his glass, Alexander takes his inspiration from the beautiful Cornish landscape where he grew up. The eroded and dramatic coastline, an endless source of fascination, is ever present in his work. Using the glass as a three dimensional canvas, Alexander creates abstract sceneries, inviting the viewer to look closer and examine his creations.

Exploiting the transparent nature of glass but also encasing parts of his art works with more solid intense colours, he captures the unique and transient union between the land and sea. Fine lines suggest the fissures found within rock, whilst the translucent mass above acts as a watery lens, distorting your view through each piece, creating movement echoing our constantly changing shoreline.

Artist portrait by Jian Wong Yen.