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Where Are My Glasses? by Ron Arad for VENINI

19th September 2018

Where Are My Glasses? by Ron Arad for VENINI

Exhibition dates 18th September - 20th October 2018

Vessel Gallery presents an extraordinary fusion of form and material combining glass and metal, creativity and technique that characterises Ron Arad’s first project for VENINI. The collection consists of three styles of vase: Single Lens, Double Lens & Under, with exclusive new unique pieces being unveiled for the London Design Festival.

VENINI has a long history of bringing creative talents to Murano in Venice and allow them to engage in extreme experimentation, free from stylism or preconceptions creating moments of pure harmony between designer and maestro (master glassmaker), pushing their skills in the quest for a unique perfection. Following great talents like Carlo Scarpa, Ettore Sottsass, Gae Aulenti, Massimiliano Fuksas, Alessandro Mendini, Gaetano Pesce, Tadao Ando, Peter Marino and many others to mention just a few, the name of Ron Arad joins the prestigious list of artists with whom VENINI has had the privilege of collaborating.

Each art work is entirely handmade making each piece unique in its sculptural form. Ron Arad's creative genius suggested inviting VENINI's maestros to blow the glass into a metal spectacle frame which at a certain point acts like an almost 'too-tight belt'. It is at this instant in which the form of each Where Are My Glasses? vase is determined, where the glass concedes to the opposite force of the metal frame, crystallizing into an extraordinary one-of-a-kind piece.

Unique Single Lens in Violet & Crystal, 64.5cm H, £17'500

Unique Under in Aquamarine & Crystal, 30cm H, £17'500

Unique Double Lens in Grass Green & Apple Green, 63cm H, £17'500

Under Collection
Approx 23cm H, £1900 each, available in;
Aquamarine & Crystal
Red & Crystal
Grass Green & Crystal

Single Lens Collection
Approx 33cm H to 43cm H, £1500 each, available in;
Grass Green

Double Lens Collection
Approx 36cm H to 41cm H, £1900 each, available in;
Aquamarine & Horizon
Red & Violet
Grass Green & Mint Green