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Vessels at Vessel - A Contemporary Glass Society Fundraising Event

12th July 2017

Vessels at Vessel - A Contemporary Glass Society Fundraising Event
Vessels at Vessel is a group exhibition of glass works by members of the Contemporary Glass Society

Vessels have been with us for thousands of years and are part of our everyday use. CGS has challenged its members to create an exciting variation of an everyday object, to use their imagination and produce a fantastic vessel. The only restriction is, its volume should not be more than 750ml.

With 123 entries, the variety on show is staggering. Prices range from £60 to £600 with proceeds from every sale going towards helping the CGS continue their invaluable work.

The exhibition ends on 19th August 2017

Full Price List
Please contact the gallery for dimensions of pieces and their availability or please call us on +44 (0)207 727 8001

Images clockwise from main picture;
No 38 Rainbow Garniture by Cathryn Shilling £480
No 19 Big Night Out by Dominic Fonde £120
No 84 Otherworld by Roberta Mason £360
No 43 Flowering Sprout Vessel by Effie Burns £240
No 23 Memento by Pippa Beveridge £240

Images below, left to right, top to bottom;
No 101 Winter Bowl by Mare Saare £240
No 39 Bucket by Gemma Truman £480
As above
No 108 Fish Vessel by Morag Reekie £120
No 94 Tiny Womb by Tabitha Burrill £240
No 116 Nest by Crispian Heath £240
As above
No 32 Leaf Bowl by Margaret Foster £120
No 100 Blue Wave by Nick Hasell £120
No 115 Turquoise Ochure Seascape by Michele Oberdieck £600
No 118 Deep in Blue by Ana Laura Quintana £480
No 12 Otty Jar by Katherine Huskie £480
As above
No 21 Moon Bowl by Tracy Nicholls £600
No 36 A Pot of Summer by Lesley Pike £600
No 34 Hydrangea II by Frances Arkle £360
As above
No 73 Loughrigg by Su Herbert £240