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Lepidoptera by Laura Hart

29th May 2015


Adding to her highly successful collection of flowers, Laura Hart has looked to the animal kingdom for inspiration. What could be better to accompany her blooms than butterflies.

Each one is a painstakingly crafted recreation of its living counter part. No stranger to working with fused glass, Hart has added cast bodies and sterling silver legs, antenna and proboscis to capture the unique characteristics of each insect.

We all know that the beauty is in the wings of these ethereal jewelled creatures, which Hart has composed with sensational attention to detail.

All butterflies are mounted in a round museum quality display case which is 40cm diameter and 12cm high, constructed of clear acrylic with a white lacquered back board.

Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly
Unique, 18.5cm wide, 17cm long, 9.5cm high

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly
Unique, 19cm wide, 19cm long, 7.5cm high

Mother of Pearl Morpho Butterfly
Unique, 18.5cm wide, 16cm long, 7.5cm high

Swallow Tail Butterfly
Unique, 21cm wide, 16cm long, 7.5cm high

Blue Morpho Butterfly
Unique, 15.5cm wide, 17cm long, 8.5cm high