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Introducing Caena by Abate Zanetti

24th April 2015

Introducing Caena by Abate Zanetti
New exciting lighting collection straight from the island of Murano: CAENA 'Name of the Venetian tradition referring to interconnected links, in memory of the mooring ropes of the naval fleets of the Venetian Republic'

A little bit about Abate Zanetti:

Abate Zanetti intends to promote the centrality of Murano – where still today families hand down secrets and technical abilities from generation to generation – to make its characteristics and particularities known through its masters, to spread the town's passion and high artistic value, in a continuous interaction with the international reality. Abate Zanetti combines a strong desire to aggregate the multiple realities of the contemporary glass landscape, looking at the world of design, culture, art, with the guardianship of a thousand years of tradition and technical expertise typical of the island of Murano. Read more:

There are endless possibilities of how to arrange a lighting installation with the Caena link components. Caena can be hung as a single vertical feature or repeated horizontally or curved to form an illuminated screen, 'curtain' or divider. Suitable for both residential and hospitality environments. Each Caena link is illuminated by two powerful LED, available in different colors and can also be dimmed.