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Red Soft Bean by Amanda Levete



Red Soft Bean by Amanda Levete


Limited edition of 12


H 25 cm W 30 cm D 40 cm




£ 4200


From the world of architecture, Amanda Levete has created the ‘Soft Bean’ form.

In her own words:

‘The romance of Venice, the light from the sun, the heat from the furnaces and sweating bodies was a heady mix which made for a highly charged atmosphere. This and beginning to feel the nature of molten glass resulted in more elemental forms driven by the physicality of making. For me the Salviati experience, working with some of the most skilled artisans in the world was intoxicating and a great privilege.’

As part of the ‘Salviati Meets London’ project 2005, curated by Vessel Gallery and working with the renowned Murano glass company, Amanda was invited to respond to the wonderfully fluid medium. Fusing Italian glass master craftsmanship with the cream of British creative talent, Amanda created the ‘Soft Bean’ form.

Levete is a Stirling Prize winning architect and founder and principal of AL_A, an international award-winning design and architecture studio.

Red Soft Bean by Amanda Levete