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Limited edition of 3


H 11.5 cm W 33 cm D 26.5 cm


Bronze with limestone base


£ 7920


‘Wishbone’ is a limited edition bronze sculpture by the British artist, Vivienne Foley.

The dimensions shown are for the actual piece and not the base.

Vivienne Foley’s bronze sculptures are a recent development of her best known works in porcelain, a medium she has worked in for over forty years.

By moving between porcelain and bronze she introduces the contrasting nature of her materials and challenges our perceptions of both.

Foley's decision to bring the work forward in to a completely different medium was brave to say the least. Instead of choosing the conventional path to finish works with a glaze firing, she left her workshop where she is used to working solo, to collaborate with a professional bronze casting team - a huge leap of faith. The challenge of seeing her original works in metal, was indeed transformative.

For Vivienne Foley, working with the Bronze Age art foundry in London’s Limehouse Basin has been an education and a pleasure.

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Vivienne Foley