Enemark & Thompson

Platina in Aubergine and Coffee


Platina in Aubergine and Coffee




H 41.5 cm W 29 cm D 23 cm


Glass with platinum lustre


£ 4125


Their most recent collaboration, Platina provided an opportunity for Enemark & Thompson to realise their ideas through a series of large scale elegant pieces, combing strengths and common interests as artists and makers.

Whilst making these pieces they were struck by how the pieces powerfully expressed their creative intent and directly seized upon the drama of the heat of the moment, an intuitive and exciting dialogue between the material and the action of making. They are intrigued by how these intricate, internal fragile structures contradict the calm skin and surface of the glass form that encapsulates this magical and energetic inner world.

Enemark & Thompson

Platina in Aubergine and Coffee