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Zigzag Table




H 90 cm W 90 cm D 25 cm


Glass and stainless steel


£ 4000


Influenced by a long-standing fascination with optical art and minimal designs that hold the viewers attention, Collins' aim is to create functional pieces that play with the viewer.

He employs a simple combination of colour, pattern and form to create complex designs held within his glass. Sheets of opaque and semi transparent glass are cut in to various shapes and waved lines which are then reassembled and fired as one. The contrasting glass used exaggerates each pattern, allowing light to pass through some sections more than others, creating ethereal shadows and patterns on the surface on which they rest.

In his own words;
“My philosophy is to produce exceptionally designed pieces, creating objects that bring together both function and visual appeal with a permanent value”

Nicholas Collins

Zigzag Table