Eye of Resilience


H 120 cm W 120 cm D 5 cm


Glass with metal fittings


£ 22400


Glass with metal fittings

Papadopoulos has reworked the iconic 'Evil Eye' amulet with his Stratified Jewels Collection. Taking this simple composition as a starting point, the scale is blown up and the colours completely reworked using resins, glass pigments and gold leaf. Framed and hanging from a chain that can be customised in different materials.

Using a pioneering technique he developed at the Royal College of Art. Yorgos combines pigments and shattered sheets of industrial glass which he then re-laminates them to create architectural-scale artworks that look fragile but are extremely durable.

This sculpture is wall mounted.

Yorgos Papadopoulos

Eye of Resilience