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Balluster Vase




H 19 cm W 16 cm D 16 cm






‘Balluster vase’ is a unique porcelain sculptural vessel by the British artist, Vivienne Foley.

Taking her inspiration from Chinese ceramics, Foley works the notoriously difficult porcelain clay into elegant and sensitive forms. Her grasp of sculptural composition is evident in both the positive and negative spaces created by her works which stand out both singularly and grouped together to form still lives. 

In her own words:

“As a professional potter I have been producing thrown porcelains for over fifty years and so logic would dictate that I have ‘seen it all, done it all’ by now, but on the contrary I still continue to be challenged and interested. The technical frustrations and the uncertainty of results all seem worthwhile when one opens a successful kiln firing.

The heart leaps! I am not influenced by any particular thing – rather, I am interested in everything; always looking for quality and workmanship. I love all aspects of the design world from architecture to textiles. Museums, galleries and exhibitions are my addiction, with photography and the natural world a constant inspiration”

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Vivienne Foley

Balluster Vase