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Unique installation


H 19.5 cm W 25 cm D 25 cm


Cast Glass


£ 3750


A unique installation consisting of 3 cast glass vessels by Hannah Facey.

In the artist's own words;

"I create delicate, unique pieces using the lost wax casting method, which has enabled me to draw attention to the glass in unusual ways. Irregular edges to rims, textures on the inside rather than the outside and a thinness that is rarely encountered, all help to highlight the objects I create. An important part of my work is the way I make the models. I almost treat the waxes like hot glass, working them fast and as hot as possible. This way I am able to infuse into them a sense of spontaneity and energy more akin to glass blowing than lost wax casting.

There are many glass artists using lost wax casting to produce sculptural objects but I engage the public through everyday objects. I make vessels, not always for use but as a statement about how we value objects differently now and to try and get the viewer to understand the nature of what we are. My aim, through my work, is also to show people just what a wonderful, versatile material glass can be and that it should be enjoyed rather than ignored"