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Apertura 06




H 41 cm W 21 cm D 10 cm


Handblown glass with steel


£ 2500


Handblown recycled glass (Bang & Olufsen Television glass - very good quality optical glass with a high lead content) and steel.

Apertura 05 is a unique glass and steel sculpture.

A reoccurring theme throughout the years within Lewis' work has been the synthesis of glass with metal, which under the creative influence of the artist, results in corrosion, patination and texture.

These blown glass forms are coated by ‘spark impregnation’. Lewis intensely grinds iron and other metals, creating a multitude of small, hot, airborne metal particles that instantly bond and finally cover, the surface of his glass.

Forever evolving works, the consistent detail for each is a window of pure transparent coloured glass, a framed aperture to the internal space, encased and surrounded by this metallic shell.

Jon Lewis

Apertura 06