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Apertura 06



Apertura 06




H 41 cm W 21 cm D 10 cm


Handblown glass with steel


£ 2500


A unique glass and steel sculpture by Jon Lewis.

In 2005, Lewis founded the creative glass design studio, Orbic Glass. His vision was to innovate modern glass design in architecture, lighting, blown glass and sculpture.

Since his first introduction to glassmaking in 1989, Lewis has become fluent in many glass disciplines. He has exhibited worldwide and has produced blown, cast, stained glass and numerous commissions, both architectural and sculptural. He has worked on many recycled glass projects in collaboration with Liquid Projects, constructing a hot glass studio at design events to demonstrate live glass blowing and upcycling to live audiences using melted TV screens and bottles.

Every piece of Lewis' art has a twist. Each of his designs can be traced back to a sketch, sometimes scribbled many years before just waiting for that last ingredient of inspiration for it to become a reality.

Apertura 06