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Aquatopia Water Storage




H 35 cm W 31 cm D 22 cm


Handblown glass with copper and limescale


£ 4500


Aquatopia takes a critical view on our fresh water supplies, its increasing demand and pollution. In the UK, we may not recognise the urgency to rethink water consumption, yet our choices in food, materials and lifestyle tie into a global issue of increasing water scarcity. According to the United Nations, two-thirds of the world’s population will face water shortages by 2025.

In the dystopian narrative of Aquatopia, pure water is on the verge of depletion and the precious resource is venerated by keeping consumption and waste to the bare minimum.

Inspired by traditional water systems, the Aquatopia objects were created as futuristic and reimagined drinking vessels, scooping bowls, storages and shower funnels that engage original plumbing parts and laboratory found objects. Made of copper and glass, materials traditionally used for transporting and storing water, the craft objects straddle the line between function, imagined function and aesthetic quality. All pieces were produced via the electroforming technique, a process in which a layer of copper is deposited on a surface that was made conductive. Decorative, plant-like growth formations on each vessel symbolise that life is completely depended on water.

Katrin Spranger

Aquatopia Water Storage