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Forest of Light Collection by Vezzini & Chen



Forest of Light Collection by Vezzini & Chen


Handblown glass with porcelain elements




Arm with 1 light £3350 

Arm with 2 lights £3650

Arm with 3 lights £4250 

Each arm approx 50 - 70cm long, each glass sphere approx 10 - 15cm ø

Handblown glass, porcelain and stainless steel. Clear 2 core cable. Light source LED G9 light bulb

Inspired by the traditional neoclassic glass chandelier, with curly glass arms and irregular swirls, Vezzini & Chen have created a forest of clear glass arms that join harmoniously with hand-carved ceramic elements and glass spheres. Hand Blown glass spheres sit on curved glass arms, like buds sprouting from the branches of a tree.  In each sphere, an individually hand-carved ceramic core houses the light. The organic textures of the ceramic elements diffuse the light, creating delicate patterns of light and shadow. The ‘bubbles’ emerging from the surface of the glass sphere, distort and magnify the inner ceramic forms, giving a further level of movement and creating a visual dialogue between the different layers and the two materials. The overall effect is like the rays of light at sunset, shining through trees in a forest. Each Light is completely bespoke.  

Forest of Light Collection by Vezzini & Chen