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Angela Jarman

Amethyst Murini Agate Jar



Amethyst Murini Agate Jar




H 12 cm W 13.5 cm D 13.5 cm


Cast Glass


£ 4000


'Amethyst Murini Agate Jar' is a unique glass sculpture by the British artist, Angela Jarman. Created from lost wax cast purple lead crystal base. Mixed purple/lilac murini disk with 22ct gilt.

The themes for Jarman’s artworks originate from a lifelong interest in biology and the natural world. Inspiration comes from a range of sources; animal, vegetable and mineral but the one common aspect that unites all her thinking, are the core concepts to do with growth & reproduction, duplication, decay & transformation.

Jarman studied at the Royal College of Art receiving her Master’s degree in 2001. She exhibits both in the UK and internationally and has work held in public and private collections worldwide. In 2003 she was shortlisted for the Jerwood Applied Arts Prize and in 2008 won the Established Artist Prize International Glass Context.

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Angela Jarman

Amethyst Murini Agate Jar