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Laura Hart

Orchis Exotica Cattleya Amethyst



Orchis Exotica Cattleya Amethyst




H 44.5 cm W 47.5 cm D 17 cm


Fused and sculpted glass with neon


£ 15000


Laura Hart creates unique, bespoke and limited edition art and architectural glass works. As both artist and designer, Hart unites twenty-first Century 3D design applications with age-old traditional glass-making techniques. Her delicate and highly detailed flowers follow a lifelong passion for flowers. Other Flowers includes poppies and lilies, please contact the gallery for more information. Design service, ask for bespoke installations and multiple artwork compositions.

In her own words; 

‘Inspired by my love of flowers, particularly orchids, my sculptural flower collections combine several glass fusion techniques. Emulating the delicate, ethereal translucency of flower petals, I recreate the living structure as it forms in nature, so that backlighting reveals every gossamer detail through the layers in a diffused spectral glow.’

Laura Hart

Orchis Exotica Cattleya Amethyst