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Takamaka The Reef




H 49.5 cm W 20.5 cm D 13 cm


Fused Glass


£ 2960


'Takamaka The Reef' is a fused and sculpted glass artwork by the Austrian artist, Sandra A. Fuchs. The dimensions above are for the glass panel and Badamier (sea almond) wooden base. 

Fuchs’ art works share a common ‘spirit’ and ‘organic’ aesthetic. The themes which run through her pieces are inspired by the beauty and power of nature; of rising, elevating and growth, which she also interprets from a spiritual influence. She feels creativity and vision are born by travelling, connecting with people from around the world and through cultural exchange.

Her signature fused panels have an inner life which is captured in dense and complex patterns which are formed from many unique pieces of ‘murrine’, which Fuchs designs and makes by herself. Traditionally ‘murrine’ all possess the same pattern, however by employing a different making technique, Fuchs makes each ‘murrina’ unique by having more control during the stretching process whilst working with her hot molten glass.

Combining this new special manufacturing technique of 'kilnformed murrine’, which has only been in existence since 1992, with centuries old traditional Muranese glassblowing knowledge, Fuchs’ art works are the only ones of their kind worldwide.

In the artist’s own words;

"Offering me every possible way to express myself, glass became my ‘partner in crime’ to transform my ideas in reality. To mix my own colours is very important for me. Colours are feelings, colours show the mood of a work at first glance. Colours are life”

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Sandra A. Fuchs

Takamaka The Reef