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H 13 cm W 13 cm D 12.5 cm




£ 275


Cast Glass 'Stitch' bird with set screw fitting which can be mounted on any type of wall. We can offer a design service for multiple birds compositions, please contact the gallery for more information.

Height is the wing tip to wing tip, width is the beak to end of the tail and the depth is the approx distance from the wall once mounted.

To view all available colours, please click here

In the artists own words:

‘These cast glass, wall-mounted birds appear to move with the changing light creating enchanting silhouettes and shadows which mimic their flight path. In pairs they are engaging in that they appear to be in dialogue; in threes, fours and fives they appear to swoop and rise which lends them a rhythmical, almost musical quality. In ‘3s and 5’s particularly, they are reminiscent of the hugely popular row of ducks which graced the walls of the Colony’s homes during 1950s – though these feathered fellows are far more chic. In larger groups they are simply magical – they literally flock – one can almost hear the beat of their elegant wings.’

The last image features the Vessel Gallery edition Celestial Mirror

Lukeke Design