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Lena Bergström

Planet in White & Peach


Planet in White & Peach




H 32 cm W 41.5 cm D 33 cm


Handblown & sculpted glass


£ 4000


Planet in White & Peach is a unique artwork from an ongoing collection of works called 'Planets', which Bergström has revisited several times throughout her extensive and highly revered creative career.

These are extremely technically challenging to make. An initial blown, ovoid shape is created in layered coloured glass, with the unwanted glass labourously cut away to create the shell-like form.

The edge is then ground and polished to create a captivating line, that draws the eye. The contrasting white exterior and soft peach interior enhance the work's curvaceous silhouette. 

Bergström has designed several prize-winning products and received numerous awards. She is represented by Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, The Rohsska Museum of Fashion, Design & Decorative Arts in Gothenburg, Cleveland Museum of Art in the United States and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Lena Bergström

Planet in White & Peach