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Blooming Terra




H 23 cm W 27 cm D 27 cm


Earthenware ceramic


£ 4500


'Blooming Terra' is a unique ceramic sculpture by the Dutch artist, Maarten Vrolijk.

Vrolijk approaches his ceramic artworks using the surface of his created forms as a canvas, yet with his medium being clay, it instantly adds a depth and relief that is more substantial than its painterly counterpart.

Keeping his mark-making intuitive and immediate, the material reacts in its own unique way, dragging and creating small trails of the displaced clay, embellishing his own lines. It is these unexpected structures that create in the artist’s eye, additional unique beauty in each piece.

Enhanced by extra layers of colours and glazes, the resulting artworks combine spontaneity, charm, naivety, nature and storytelling. 

Maarten Vrolijk

Blooming Terra