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Sakura TRP20017




H 51 cm W 41 cm D 42 cm


Handblown & sculpted glass


£ 10900


While strongly influenced by the natural world, Vrolijk is not on a quest to expose an imitation of the “real” world, but rather, is on an exploration of the simple, unequivocal, and often overlooked aspects: colour, form, delicacy, strength, transparency, ephemerality, that provide a map to the fascinations we gravitate to when experiencing the world around us. 

The volatility in accomplishing the exceptional thickness of his Sakura vases creates a risky balance between strength and delicacy. The thermal stress caused when trying to equalise the interior and exterior temperature of the cooling vessels, is fraught with the propensity for breakage. The success of Vrolijk’s works lie in the crystalline clarity posed against their substantial physical impact.

However, Vrolijk’s greatest achievement is the organic nature that he captures within each unique work, incorporating an eccentricity that is only achievable by the hand of the artist. The jewel-toned fragments, appearing like colourful melting ice or otherworldly barnacles clinging to the central form, culminate in an intensely kinetic explosion of colour. 

Maarten Vrolijk

Sakura TRP20017