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James Devereux

Clovis in Grey to Ruby


Clovis in Grey to Ruby




H 87.5 cm W 17 cm D 14 cm


Handblown and sculpted glass


£ 6000


Refinement and daring combine within this statuesque sculpture. Poised upon a museum-quality patinated steel base, the eye is drawn upwards, taken by the transition from grey to ruby, ending on the uppermost peak. With one side a graceful, sweeping curve, the other is chipped and weathered with fascinating beauty.

Monolithic in presence, the Clovis Collection is the result of laboured experiments by the artist to be able to literally chip the glass like stone. A blow too hard would simply shatter the piece, too light a tap would crush the surface. After perfecting this unusual technique, the results are breathtaking, smooth lines are juxtaposed with the haphazard. After flame polishing, these meandering edges are not sharp despite their appearance but smooth to the touch.

James Devereux

Clovis in Grey to Ruby