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Celestite I




H 85 cm W 27.5 cm D 16 cm


Fused Glass


£ 14000


'Celestite I' is a free standing glass sculpture based on rock formations and geodes created by the British artist, Wayne Charmer. It is bonded to a base of black acrylic which creates a beautiful dark pool, from which the artwork emerges.

Created from larger sheets to create the exterior form, the inner cavity is crammed full with a multitude of smaller sections of glass. Painstakingly cut, stacked and placed inside, the entire artwork is finally fired to fused the glass together. 

In the artist's own words:

‘I immediately became attracted to working with glass during my time at university. I was drawn to the complex and challenging process of manipulating the material, which is solid in form when cool but becomes fluid whilst in the kiln. My aim is to capture this fluidity in the final cooling process and present these organic characteristics within my work. The glass undergoes many transformations whilst firing and the 'not knowing' aspect during this change is the attraction. Over the years I have developed a clearer understanding of the material yet I strive to develop new ways of working to explore and exploit the qualities of glass, which in turn, presents new obstacles to overcome, which retains my fascination with the medium.’

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Wayne Charmer

Celestite I