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Cryptograph 440111 




H 32.5 cm W 21 cm D 8.5 cm


Handblown & sculpted glass




'Cryptograph 440111' (in Pale Salmon and Neutral Grey) is a unique glass sculpture that has been created using a variety of glass techniques, by the British artist, Louis Thompson.

The encased lines of 'script' are first created by carving a pre-made glass cup that has been carefully trailed with very fine black lines. This is then reintroduced to the heat and embedded inside the larger glass form, framing it between two carefully composed colours with each fading and running from the top & bottom throughout the artwork.

In the words of the artist to explain the concept behind the work;

"We live in a society under surveillance, our private exchanges exposed to others. This intrusion inspires humanity to adopt innovative forms of communication with each other. These objects reference our ever present personal communication devices and our dependence on passwords and encryption to share and express our inner most thoughts and aspirations"

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Louis Thompson

Cryptograph 440111