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Fidji I by Kjell Engman



Fidji I by Kjell Engman




H 64 cm W 22 cm D 17 cm


Handblown glass


£ 1200


The Fidji series was inspired when Engman accidentally spilled oil into water. Remaining on the water's surface, the oil floated and shifted in a wide colour spectrum. Giving him the idea to transfer the colors to the glass, the result became 'Fidji' - a series of soft, elegant and swelling shapes in ethereal multicolored tones.

Kjell Engman is one Sweden’s leading glass artists. After studying at Konstfack in Stockholm, Engman began working for the Kosta Boda glassworks, a relationship that has lasted more than 40 years. 

Prominently a designer of vases, bowls & decorative works, he also creates sculptures that are humourous and playful, often with an element of kitsch. Having also been a professional guitar player in the 1970’s, music and instruments are also common themes within his creations.

Frequently engaged in public artworks throughout the world, Engman is represented in the permanent collections of the Swedish National Museum of Art and Design. 


Fidji I by Kjell Engman