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Manberg Projects

Aurum (Morpho-Eugenia Series)


Aurum (Morpho-Eugenia Series)




H 115.5 cm W 189 cm D 12 cm


Blown glass with mirrored interior




‘Aurum' (Morpho-Eugenia Series) is a unique wall-mounted artwork by the British and American artists, Joanna Manousis and Zac Weinberg - the creative partnership behind Manberg Projects -  created from mirrored blown glass elements, stainless steel and aluminium.

Founded in 2021, Manberg Projects' aim is to deliver customizable glass wall installations using digital and hand-made processes.

CNC milled moulds and traditional glass blowing & casting methods are used to create modular glass sculptures that have infinite possibilities in configuration and scale. Celebrating symmetry, pattern and form, individual glass elements are often mirrored within, transforming interior details into dimensional reflective surfaces that respond to light and the environment in which they reside.  

The artists can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Photographer credit: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd

Manberg Projects

Aurum (Morpho-Eugenia Series)