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Soft Lines in Pink




H 14 cm W 33 cm D 28 cm


Sculpted glass


£ 5700


‘Soft Lines in Pink' is a unique glass sculpture by the Danish artist, Maria Bang Espersen.

Maria Bang Espersen works around the idea that all things are malleable, like glass, and that nothing can be permanently defined. Her experimental sculptures are therefore not only an approach but also a statement; one that states to never get caught up in the restrictive norms or to obey established hierarchies. Essentially, her works in glass, are a play with the possibilities of the material and an attempt to expand the viewer’s understanding of her chosen medium.

Although static and solid in their final state, Espersen stretches, pulls and bends her glass, resulting in works that appear soft and almost possible of languid movement. Her chosen candy confectionery colour palette entices and draws the onlooker towards the artwork, which deliciously glisten.

Maria Bang Espersen

Soft Lines in Pink