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H 44.5 cm W 87 cm D 13.5 cm


Blown & cut glass with oak




'Askr' from the Glasskibe Collection is a unique glass and oak sculpture by the Danish and British artists, Backhaus & Brown and Egeværk.

The title explained by the artists;

 “ASKR – ’ash’ (wood) in Norse. According to Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is a mighty ash tree. Yggdrasil is the tree of life, a world tree. Its evergreen crown reaches the sky, and three giant roots end in three different worlds. One reaches Asgård, home of the Norse gods; one reaches Jotumheim, where the giants live; while the third one leads to Hel; the subterranean land of the dead”.

The Danish town of Hundested is steeped in maritime history and richly from the Viking Age. It is the majestic imagery of the Viking ships passing that has inspired two of the harbour’s contemporary craft companies; cabinetmakers Egeværk and glass artists Backhaus & Brown. These two award-winning workshops have combined their masterful crafts in an innovative collaboration; namely a series of sculptures named "Glasskibe" – Viking ships in handblown glass and carved oak.

The artists can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Backhaus & Brown and Egeværk