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Turquoise Cliff




H 38 cm W 18 cm D 12 cm


Cast Glass




'Turquoise Cliff' is a unique cast glass sculpture by the British artist, Crispian Heath.

Heath's work is predominantly inspired by landscape and his love for exploring the rugged cliffs and other geological sites which are unique to Britain. It is there he is able to connect with the play of light on the natural world around him.  

His creative process begins with being faced with the elements and the history of the land - the apparent as well as the unseen forces at work - and his intuitive feel for a place interacting with his imagination. 

Exploiting the properties of transparency, refraction and reflection to create an inner world within an outer form, Heath’s resulting sculptures, like their sources of inspiration, are all about how light interacts with the physical. 

Each of Crispian Heath’s artworks are unique, with many held in private collections in the UK and USA.

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Crispian Heath

Turquoise Cliff