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Moon-rock 010




H 13.5 cm W 30 cm D 22 cm


Cast and sculpted glass




'Moon-rock 010' is a unique sculpture by the British artist, Jon Lewis, created from cast glass with dichroic filters. 

The artist has used dichroic filters within the glass which reflects light. The resulting effect is as if the piece glows from within, emanating a myriad of colours with an inner life.

Created from the artist's own unique technique which he developed in 1994. It was whilst working as a glass blowing assistant in Oregon, Lewis was introduced to ‘dichroic thin film interference filters’ as a form of surface decoration on blown glass.

Seeing its potential, this amazing and very technical material, similar to iridescent butterfly wings, produces colour formed by selective reflection as opposed to absorption. A constant in Lewis’ glassmaking palette, this series and technique, has featured in many notable sculptural & architectural works and derivations.

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Jon Lewis

Moon-rock 010