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Enchanted Mori Meridies




H 41 cm W 55 cm D 22 cm


Handblown & sculpted glass with sapele wood




'Enchanted Mori Meridies' is a unique sculpted glass installation by the British artist, Louis Thompson.

Thompson's Enchanted Mori are inspired by the practice of bonsai, echoing its artistic intention to create a higher level of aesthetic refinement. With this series of artworks, the artist wants to the viewer to emotionally connect with what they see, to not just use their eyes to understand what is in front of them but to engage with the feelings and thoughts that are aroused and provoked. 

In the artist's own words;

"With the transition of light, day falls into night and we pass into the abyss of a new dawn. The sun, moon and stars form shadows, colouring our perception and create an interplay between the negative and positive forms of nature, where harmony and balance coexist. This new body of work Enchanted Mori, is for moments of contemplation, reflection and contentment."

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Louis Thompson

Enchanted Mori Meridies