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there where I am not - Place (ii) by Karen Browning



there where I am not - Place (ii) by Karen Browning




H 30 cm W 30 cm D 3 cm


Cast Glass


£ 5650


'there where I am not - Place (ii)' is a unique wall-mounted artwork by the British artish, Karen Browning.

Browning has used glass as a recurrent medium throughout her productive career and is constantly experimenting by pushing the boundaries of her creative practice. Her innovative use of materials and processes, combined with in-depth research, results in physically reactive combinations. 

Using cast and polished glass, Browning aims to alter our perceptions of space through the material's reflections. Black mirrors have been used throughout history, from the mystical, scrying and moon viewing, to the technological and aesthetic, for example the Claude Glass used by 17th century landscape painters.  

In her Black Mirror series, Browning explores the historical and mystical side of black mirrors, traditionally used for scrying (looking into the future) whilst also combining this with historical use of black mirrors by landscape painters such as Claude Lorrain.

'In the mirror I see myself there where I am not, in an unreal, virtual space that opens up behind the surface.' Foucault, Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias. 

Browning holds a degree in Architecture, Oxford Brooke's University, a Masters in site-specific sculpture, Wimbledon School of Art and a Masters in Glass, from Swansea. For many years she has worked alongside leading glass artist Colin Reid, as his studio assistant. She has been a selected member of the Royal Society of Sculptors since 2015. In 2022 Browning Won the British Glass Biennale. Her work has been shown across the UK, Europe and beyond, including Collect Art Fair London, Glass Biennale Ireland and Liuli Museums Taipei and Shanghai. Many of her pieces are held in private collections.

there where I am not - Place (ii) by Karen Browning