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Sun Graphite 108 No 1




H 108 cm W 108 cm D 50 cm


Powder coated aluminium


£ 13750


'Sun Graphite 108 No 1' is a sculptural wall artwork by the Taiwanese and Japanese artists, Hsiao-Chi Tsai and Kimiya Yoshikawa.

In the artist's own words:

"We have long been fascinated by the dynamic interactions between micro and macro scales in art and nature. ‘Sun’ is a celebration of the energy driving all life on earth through the interplay of spiral forms within a 108 (cm) diameter circle – a sacred number in many cultures, said to represent the wholeness of existence. The sculpture is hand-crafted organically, transforming highly-detailed metal components into a soft organic form."

Tsai & Yoshikawa have undertaken numerous commissions, projects and exhibitions internationally, debuting in 2007 with a spectacular sequence of seven large-scale window displays for the Harvey Nichols’ flagship store in London. Most prominently, The Lion, a permanent sculpture unveiled in 2009 in London’s Chinatown, was recognised as the prestigious Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture in 2009 in the UK.

Their largest permanent commission is a series of 9-storey-high hanging sculptures Aquatic Flora I & II for the new East Wing atriums at St. Thomas’ Hospital in Westminster London. The Tail of the Ocean Carousel is one of their most recent collaboration with Hermès UK and Ireland for the 2022/2023 festive windows and in-store art installation.

The artists can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Tsai & Yoshikawa

Sun Graphite 108 No 1