Amy Hughes

1985, United Kingdom

Alternate Text
Born in West Yorkshire now living in London, Hughes first encountered clay on her Pre-BA Foundation Course at Batley School of Art & Design. She quickly became hooked and went on to study 3D-Design: Ceramics at Loughborough University, graduating with first class honours. Hughes completed her Masters Degree at the Royal College of Art in the school of Applied Arts; Ceramics and Glass.

Working as a Ceramic Artist, Hughes specialises in hand building, enjoying working with form and texture and studying its relation to decoration. Her practice is both fuelled by and symbolic of an important time in Ceramic history. Her pieces speak of the highly prestigious Porcelain wares produced at the Royal Sevres Factory in the late 17th and 18th Centuries. A period where pieces were overtly decadent, extravagant and the exuberant in their detail and decoration.

Hughes' collections aim to bridge the gap between the past and the present, finding a new home in contemporary culture for such objects, a ‘modern decadence’. In contrast, through fresh interpretation the clay body and its material qualities are both elevated and celebrated. Worked in a dynamic and lively expression, textured and stripped back to highlight a natural surface richness that have no need for further embellishment. Hughes’ work references and pays homage to the originals, but are created with a freer approach, giving them a new lease of life.