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Morten Klitgaard

1975, Denmark

Morten Klitgaard was born in Lønstrup, Denmark. Growing up under the influence of the harsh northern coastal climate had a huge impact on his senses. Surrounded by rugged wild nature and a consistent westerly wind, taught him to appreciate very small details in what can only be described as a barren but beautiful landscape.

Initially working for the glass artist Leif Vange, based in his hometown, Klitgaard went on to be taught and trained for three years by Tobias Møhl, a Danish glass artist known globally for his mastery of Venetian techniques. Coinciding within that same period he also completed a master class with Dante Marioni, that encouraged the possibility of learning more about the material, resulting in an application to The Royal Danish Design School on Bornholm, with Klitgaard completing his BA in 2012.

Morten Klitgaard's work explores notions of place and reflects on the influential effects of nature on both the landscape and its inhabitants. His pieces appear weatherbeaten, eroded and patinated, echoing and referencing the rugged coastal landscape of his childhood. To create the distinct exteriors of his artworks, oxides, metal pigments and ash are applied during the final heating process, causing the surface of the glass to effervesce, forming intricate textures and patterns. The work obscures our perception of the material yet honours the traditions of glass blowing whilst also pushing the boundaries of its role within the realm of contemporary craft and design.

Public Collections

Victoria & Albert Museum, London | Ny Carlsbergfonden, Denmark | Collection Embrechts Ryckaert, Belgium | The Danish Art Foundation, Denmark | Glasmusset Ebeltoft, Denmark | Bornholms Kunstmuseum, Denmark 


Hempels Glass Prize (DK) | Nominate for Stanislav Libenský Award, Prague (CZ) | Nominate for The International Exhibitions Of Glass, Kanazawa (JP) | Nominate for the KOGEI Award for International artist, Toyama (JP) | Nominate for European Glass Prize , The National Glass Centre, (UK) | Nominate for The Coburg Glass Prize 2022 (D)                                                                               

Artist portrait by Linus Kristoffer.