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Chisato Yasui

1984, Japan

Chisato Yasui is a ceramic and mixed media artist. She graduated with an MA in Art and Design from the University of Tsukuba in 2010 and currently lives in Tsukuba-city, Ibaraki where she continues to create her work while raising three children together with her husband.

Yasui’s aim is to visualise the things we usually cannot see such as “harmony” & “relationships” by making viewers conscious of them through her work. She thinks art work can exist like a groundwater vein to connect various things. For example, connecting everyday to extraordinary, oneself to others, subconscious to conscious. She wants her work to function in this way.

She has always loved to create since she was a child. Most of her work had been expressed by painting in water colours, oils, acrylics until she met Prof. Toshiju Saito who is a professor of ceramics at the University of Tsukuba and also a ceramic artist. This encounter with Toshiju Saito and her introduction to ceramics brought a great opportunity and a major turning point of her work. Her main medium of expression has been ceramics since then.

Yasui was hugely influenced by her professor, who works in ceramics and iron. His theme is “archetype”. He said, “In creation, we should not impose our image on the material. Just do not obey the material's voice. Look closely at the relationship between the material and us. And it is important to find out how we are involved in the moulding process and how much we control the material and ourselves. In that way we should train ourselves to find out the truth with our own sense.”

Artworks by the artist