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Taskmaster Burst by Liam Reeves and Charles Stern

26th April 2019

Taskmaster Burst by Liam Reeves and Charles Stern
Exhibition dates 8th - 30th May 2019

Taskmaster Burst is a series of sculptural works inspired by industrial landscapes and chimney stacks. An exciting collaboration between glass artist Liam Reeves & interdisciplinary designer Charles Stern, mixing traditional glass-making techniques with 3D-printed ceramics.
Growing up in 1980s London was to grow up around beautiful, redundant buildings. An environment full of factories still standing, waiting for new purpose. Taskmaster Burst draws on our shared experience of a city where brickwork structures compete with a contemporary, rationalised architecture. This collection is a dreaming of a new production - manufactories that output colour from refractory materials - lighter than air in a parallel world.
The crafts of glassblowing and ceramics facilitate this collection and at their service are 3D printing and digital design. This new print language allows for patterns unavailable to the human hand and yet requires a material knowledge based in cultures of craft. There’s message in the making: Old technology putting new technology to work.

Art Works from the Exhibition

In the artist's own words;

"Working an idea till it's well, well done. Building brickwork with robots and blocking ducts with balloons. Running bond and blasting sand and chopping to fit. Styling with shiny trimmings and opacifying the see-through. All ancient and brand spanking new with bits and ones and ones and bits. Keeping vertex control, layer height and sharing the file. Battersea gas cylinders, smoke stacks and shards. Chimney power station chuffing out silica charge"


Liam Reeves is a glass artist & maker and also the hot shop technician at the RCA in London. His work makes use of some of the most complex glass techniques to reference computer graphics and renaissance pattern making.

Charles Stern runs WorkshopSternan interdisciplinary studio that combines glass and ceramic design, teaching and research.

Build 001, Unique, 48cm H, 28cm W, 28cm D, ceramic, glass and brass, £2900

Build 006, Unique, 49cm H, 23cm W, 24cm D, ceramic, glass and brass, £2900

Build 009, Unique, 31cm H, 26cm W, 28cm D, ceramic, glass and brass, £2900

Image credit: Sylvain Deleu